Garmin 64s battery terminals

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Garmin 64s battery terminals

Postby agatornz » 13-11-2015 08:35

has any one had the battery terminals break soon after they started using the gps - i brought mine and with in months one and then two of the little metal tongues that cover springs in the battery compartment broke off leaving only the spring - and i can see they will be next to go - as a result the batteries pop out now when the cover is released.

i sent it back my supplier, and they consulted with Garmin.. predictably it was considered "normal wear and tear" - tough luck buddy. I hit on the idea of swapping out the old terminals from my old 62s... but no they had thought of that - they are different....

can any one remind me of the guy that sells new cases for 60 seires...? ( replaced one when the cursor button popped out - apparently they had never seen that either - over use? )
cheers will
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Re: Garmin 64s battery terminals

Postby kiwitonita » 14-11-2015 15:00

Hi Will, I have a few dummy cases for various model. Bought 10 or so for the 64s but then found after they arrived from the US that Garmin have not put the battery terminals in the 64s dummy case - they have been in all other models prior to this. So no help there I'm sorry to say, Tony Savage (KiwiGPS).
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