Which topo map is this?

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Which topo map is this?

Postby kiwitonita » 04-02-2016 09:55

I've had an enquiry wanting to know what map has been installed to a Garmin 62 that shows tracks to the west of Upper Hutt. Most of the maps I have do not show the tracks (Garmin v5 topo, Freshmap, NZ Topo by Gary Turner, MapToaster v3, Open Project topo v12). However Topo4GPS shows some tracks / forestry roads in the area.

The name of the map on the GPS is: Tracks - NI, Tracks - SI, -61061004, -61061005. Here's a photo from the GPS owner of the track:


Here is a MapSource screen shot of Topo4GPS with waypoint x at the same place as the cursor above:


However the Topo4GPS map does not use tile number 61061004.

Does anyone know what map we are looking at on the GPS? The waypoint x is also attached here as a .gpx file.

Thank you, Tony
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